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Average rating for Michaelis Corp is
4.93 stars of 5 stars - based on 335 reviews
Flood Cleanup in Franklin, IN

Within an hour of my SOS phone call to your main switchboard, it was impressive to see the CEO slugging through my flooded office

Customer Service in Greencastle, IN

Wonderful Customer Service.

Fire Damage Restoration in Greenfield, IN

Your business did an excellent job on the repairs and there was no clean up needed when the job was finished. We were very satisfied!

Water Damage Restoration in North Vernon, IN

I was most impressed with everyone. It was the finest overall job I’ve ever experienced. Thanks again to all.

Fire Damage Restoration in Seymour, IN

The staff at Michaelis was always pleasant and a joy to have in my home.

Water Damage Restoration in Muncie, IN

The team did a great job of restoration after water damage following a leaky toilet.

Disaster Recovery and Restoration in Jeffersonville, IN

Thought that I would take time to say thank you for helping out so many families. It was so nice for you to take time out to drive down to Louisville and pick up the furniture. I wish you could have seen some of the families when they came to pick up their furniture. There was a lot of suprised looks of disbelief! They couldn’t belive that this was for them. Then they were handed a check for 100 to 200 dollars and they went into tears. This was the ice breaker they needed after suffering such a great loss. Once again thanks for the professional help Amanda and Tammy have provided so far

Disaster Recovery and Restoration in Zionsville, IN

It is always shocking to be awaken in the middle of the night with an alarm call. Typically I instruct the alarm company to disregard and reset the alarm. This time it was different, within a couple of minutes they called back within minutes informing me IMPD requests “rep” on-site. I knew we had a serious situation. The drive from Zionsville gave me time to formulate a disaster response plan. Once on-site I was relieved the damage was confined to a non-sensitive portion of our operation. However the gaping hole in the building would allow possible theft of expensive instruments and tooling in other portions of the facility. Once the vehicle was removed and the site was turned over to my control I had one thought-MICHAELIS! Knowing what the company does and being a neighbor the decision was easy.I placed the call at 4:30am and the response was terrific. Your willingness to jump up and begin planning the project is much appreciated. The workman were responsible and curious. I could tell they have experience with homeowners after traumatic events. Although commercial property has a different attachment, it’s still where my business “lives” and they treated the site like my home. This event has created an urgency to development a disaster response plan in case I am on vacation or unavailable. That plan will start with a call to Michaelis.