Mold Remediation


The mold and mildew removal experts at Michaelis leave nothing to chance. Your family and co-worker’s health is too important. Our goal is to get your walls, ceilings, air and living spaces back to space you can actually live in. It all starts with mold testing which allows us to zero-in on the countless types of bacteria and spores we are facing. Then the mold removal or mold remediation methods and process takes over so that the mold doesn’t. Of course we intervene with the insurance company on your behalf to make sure proper procedures are followed for reimbursement. We are highly certified in the area of mold remediation, and client satisfaction throughout the Indianapolis area.

Our Mold Removal Process

Mold removal and remediation can be deceivingly simple. However, without the proper tools, equipment, and chemical solvents, a seemingly easy project can turn into a catastrophe. The Michaelis team has been providing mold removal services for over 25 years, which completes our expertise with knowledge and experience. These aspects are the backbone of our certified mold remediation company, issuing a complete cleansing of Indianpolis homes by the hundreds.

In this video you can view how quickly our solutions counteract and disintegrate mold at it's source.

Our mold removal process consists of inspection, assessment, planning, and apprehension of the mold. To cleanse the mold, we use patented products by Goldmorr® - unique solvents that are harmless to humans and detrimental to mold. These surface scrubbers permeate and penetrate every microscopic level of mold until it reaches the actual surface of your wall, floor, ceiling, or other infected areas.

Mold Remediation Methods That Work

Having an arsenal of tools, equipment, and the effective products by Goldmorr®, Michaelis delivers mold remediation methods that truly work. Mold inspection is essential to determining the impact and level of infection, as well as the mold removal cost estimate. Then, we begin the restoration process of remediation by cleansing as much surface area possible. This includes behind dry-wall, floor boards, or other wooden materials that my need to be removed for thorough mold removal. Furniture can be tricky, however our team has an excellent track record for rejuvenating objects that seemed beyond salvage. With our selected products, strict procedures, and thorough cleaning, you're home is guaranteed to be mold-free.

Removing Mold From Surfaces & Furniture

The unique solvents we use have positive effects on surfaces and furniture. This includes objects like cabinets, cupboards, and any wooden shelving units that have been infected with mold. While this does not work as quickly as administering surfaces like walls and floors, removing mold from surfaces of furniture and fabrics still work. Considering the various materials and intertwining fabrics or materials that are used to create furniture, mold removal will take a longer period of time for accuracy.

The video below is before and during the process of removing mold from a standard shelving unit.

The video below is after the mold removal process was finished with the same shelving unit.

What Are The Results?

If you watched the before and after videos, it's clear that Michaelis' techniques, methods, and procedures, combined with Goldmorr® products will provide the results you're looking for. Remediation is a process that we handle delicately and efficiently to get your home and all of it's belongings restored to original design - mold free.

How Our Products Work With Wooden Materials

Perhaps the most difficult of materials to work with is wood. The major issue with mold-infected wood is that most contractors cannot penetrate the barriers of wood fibers enough to completely remove mold at the source. However, using our specialized mold removal solvent from Goldmorr®, we can penetrate any wooden material - from hardwood to softwood.

How Does It Work?

Wood has certain levels of porousness - tiny holes and gaps within the wood fibers. Hardwoods will generally have smaller pores, while softwoods will have a much spongier surface. The chemical we use has a unique ability to move through all wood pores, large or small, which creates an immediate effect of remediation by destroying the roots of mold buried within the fibers. It's that simple.

See the video below for a prime example of our mold removal solvent immediately dissolving mold on a wooden bench.

Our Step By Step Mold Remediation Process

Step 1: Mold Inspections

The very first step is determining the level of mold infection throughout your home. This is completed by one of our certified mold inspection specialists who will assess the amount of mold, document which areas are infected, and recommend the best course of action to remove the mold.

Step 2: Mold Testing

Using advanced techniques and technology, we test the potency and extent of your mold problem. This will help us determine how extreme the infection is - whether it's spreading inside walls and floor boards, or simply a surface problem. By completing a mold test we can accurately estimate the level of spore count, which in turn determines the amount of remediation needed.

Step 3: Mold Remediation

Once the level of infection has been determined, we begin the mold remediation process - applying the correct combination and amount of solvents, to penetrate and purge mold at the source. Depending on the mold inspection results, this will require reapplication to ensure porous materials have enough exposure to our mold removal chemicals for deeper cleansing.

How Mold is Formed

Mold is a form a fungus that forms from bacteria, moisture, warmth, and lack of sunlight. Like a mushroom, it thrives off dead organic material - implanting roots, growing as it absorbs moisture in the air, and disperses airborne spores to populate and create more mold. This is generally common within homes that have water damages from storms, natural leaks and floods from poor foundation or soil conditions, or can derive from natural humidity within a basement or crawl space over time. Without a waterproofing system or dehumidifier installed, chances are you have a mold problem. As one of the few water restoration companies in the Indianapolis area, we can provide mold removal and waterproofing within the same project!

Areas We Remove Mold Within Homes

Aside from furniture and obvious space, which areas do we provide mold remediation? Everywhere! However, there are more common areas that mold accumulates predictably:

Attic Mold

Attics are generally a forgotten space within your home. The dust, debris, and rising humidity from within your home migrates to your attic due to the natural effects of heat and vapor evaporation. Over time, your attic can and will produce mold. This creates an endless cycle of growth above your home, where air ventilation is scarce within the attic. Attic mold is a serious problem due to its' location, where infections will spread from the base of the attic to the ceiling of bedrooms.

Basement Mold

Perhaps the absolute most common problem amongst residents is basement mold. This area is usually utilized as storage for homeowners and families, and are generally never protected by a waterproofing system. As soil conditions shift, become heavily bombarded with rain water, and concrete cracks forming along the walls, this creates leaks. The water vapor and moisture in the air will then manifest mold along the surfaces.

Crawl Space Mold

Similar to basements, crawl space mold is very hazardous and prone to forming. Crawl spaces are at higher risk than any other space in your home due to their location. Without a vapor barrier to prevent ground moisture and humidity, mold grows and thrives. This is particularly dangerous because the mold spores that form rises into the breathing air throughout the home.

Don't Be Overwhelmed - The Solution is Simple!

There's a lot of educational information revolving around mold, and our experts continuously expands their knowledge and expertise on this subject. Through experience and results, we continue to assist homeowners with mold removal in Indianapolis areas with our effective methods. Don't be overwhelmed with your mold problems or the vast amount of information online! Simply contact us for more details on our process, the services we provide, and have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with our mold inspectors.

Get away from mold and live a more breathable future - for your home and family!

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