Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Services New Palestine, IN

If you have humidity problems in your home through natural effects of season changes and poor ventilation, chances are you have mold. With mold growth you put your family at risk of health hazards due to microscopic spores the are dispersed in the air. This substance also feeds on dead organic materials such as drywall, wood, and concrete, posing a threat to the structural integrity of your home. If you have spotted mold in your attic, basement, crawl space, or furniture, contact the professionals at Michaelis! We provide New Palestine homes a non-toxic, biodegradable solvent that eliminates mold at the source. We use this to provide mold remediation and mold removal services that are permanent solutions to your home.

Common areas where mold thrives and is treated by our company:

  • Mold on walls & floors
  • Surface concrete
  • Carpeting and corners
  • Any drywall surface
  • Attic mold and mildew
  • Basement mold
  • Crawl space mold
  • Fabrics, clothes, and furniture
  • Wooden support beams

If you need immediate mold remediation to make your home a healthier environment, contact the professionals at Michaelis!

Mold Testing

If you're looking to get your mold completely removed, you're going to need our help! Through mold testing we can accurately determine the type of mold your home has been exposed to, the level of infiltration, and how hazardous the strain may be. What we accomplish is testing the strength of the mold first. Once we identify the severity, we can better understand how to address the problem with accuracy and efficiency. This leads to a better mold removal estimate for homeowners.

Mold Removal

Providing mold removal is simple, yet complicated. Remediation is a process of removing mold and restoring objects, materials, and surfaces to their original state, without the infection of mold. This can consist of many applications of our solvents, or the use of different solvents to efficiently and accurately purge all mold roots. Once inspections and testing are finished, we begin applying the correct solvents and methods in infected spaces or objects. To ensure completion of the project, we do a final test of spore counts in the air - effectively detecting any traces of potential threats.

Mold Inspection

Mold Remediation

Like most contractors, we believe in efficiency. As an industry leading provider of mold remediation in the area, we use our certified specialists to provide a mold inspection first. This is the initial assessment and analysis of mold on your surfaces such as walls, floors, ceilings, baseboards, furniture, and personal belongings. Our trained professionals can then decide a basic outline of the best approach. We then report our findings to the homeowner and discuss what would be best to remove your mold.

The Dangers Of Mold & How To Remove It

Once discovered, mold may seem unappealing but manageable. The first reactions of homeowners is to simply ignore the problem or attempt to clean it themselves. However, mold is a dangerous microscopic fungus that does not destroy easily. Like bacteria, it's impervious to most cleaning solutions. During its' lifetime, mold will continue to grow and spread throughout the home unchecked. This is hazardous for your structures, where the roots of mold feed on wood, fabric, and even concrete! This poses a threat to your structural integrity.

Other hazards include the health risks of breathing the same environmental air as mold. Mold reproduces by spreading airborne spores into the living area. Breathing these spores has been known to be harmful to our bodies. But don't panic! We have efficient products and methods that will remove mold in the same business day.

Our Mold Remediation Methods With Goldmorr® Products

Our company continues to provide mold remediation using the advanced and natural products from Goldmorr®.

  • GM2000 - An air scrubbing solvent for fabrics that is non-irritant, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-bleaching.
  • GM6000 - A surface scrubbing solvent for visible mold that works on gyprock, concrete, timbers, stonework, roofing, brickwork, and more!
  • GM2900 - A chemical solution for protection of timbers and gyprock after mold treatment has been finished.
  • GM Fogging - Usage of GM2000 solvent into a spray, that literally 'fogs' the entire space. This fog will fight off mold in hard to reach places, eliminating the need of removing walls, floors, or ceilings where mold thrives.
  • A Mold & Water Restoration Company New Palestine Homeowners Trust

    We have a high customer approval rating from our accuracy, efficiency, and trusted quality in our products and the ability to remove mold - permanently. Our priority is to restore your home from water moisture related problems such as mold.

    With our certified team of trained specialists, we can effectively continue to improve the air quality in homes through mold cleansing at the root. Our goal is to preserve your home and family health from start to finish.

    We Provide Mold Remediation To Homes In New Palestine and The Surrounding Area!

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