Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Services Carmel, IN

If you have mold creeping in your attic, crawl space, or basement, contact the professionals at Michaelis! Mold is a very intrusive substance that grows until it's apprehended. Homes in Carmel can become infected in areas that are unseen and makes it difficult to clean until the situation becomes obvious. However, even in the most dire of circumstances our company provides complete mold removal using a unique mold remediation process to salvage walls, floors, and furniture, without harm. Restoration is our number one priority - addressing the mold without destroying the house or removing parts.

There are some more common areas within your home that we address specifically:

  • Attics & storage
  • Moldy basements
  • Room & carpeting
  • Any wood material
  • Crawl space mold
  • Walls, floors, &smp; corners
  • Ceilings and fixtures
  • Clothing anf furniture
  • Surface concrete

If you need immediate mold remediation to make your home a healthier environment, contact the professionals at Michaelis!

Mold Inspection

Mold Remediation

For a complete restoration, we start with a simple mold inspection. Using our visibility and experience, we analyze the infection to determine your vulnerabilities, the growth, spread, and basic details to be considered. When finished we address the homeowner to discuss our basic outline of what feel needs to be done and move forward from there. You can choose to begin the mold remediation process or decline. The next phase will be accurate testing of the mold.

Mold Testing

Once the inspection is finished and the homeowner approves, we compile a mold testing phase. Amongst other tests we will complete throughout the mold remediation process, this initial test will help us accurately determine the level of infection on your surfaces and objects. This grants us the ability to provide 100% efficiency in mold removal - with correct amount of solvents, the amount of applications, and methods for approach. Areas like basements and crawl spaces are prone to infection and must be examined accurately.

Mold Removal

Mold is hard to dispose of when left for too long. While regular household cleaners may be tempting, mold is a highly resilient fungus that leaves roots and spores that are naked to the human eye. Regrowths are very common as homeowners continue to attempt at cleaning mold themselves, and can never clean behind hard to reach places like walls or floors. Don't fall victim to structural deterioration and false conceptions! Contact the experts at Michaelis to get your mold removal project started for a more efficient, and guaranteed elimination of mold. Our chemical solvents are proven to work!

What is Mold? How Do I Remove It?

Mold is indefinitely of the fungus family as a subtype. There are then hundreds of subtypes of mold - gross right? These different strains will be hard to assess, however our team has the solutions you need. While 'one size does fit all', our solvents consist of four main products. Beyond that, we customize the applications of solvents based on your mold testing and the severity of mold.

Due to mold being very unhealthy for families, this fungus is considered a health risk for breathing within the same environment.

The Mold Remediation Process with Goldmorr® Products

Our company specifically uses Goldmorr® products - solvents that dissolve and destroy mold at the root. For the mold remediation process we apply one or more of these solvents to ensure proper cleansing procedures are enough to eliminate mold permanently.

  • GM2000 - An air scrubbing solvent for fabrics that is non-irritant, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-bleaching.
  • GM6000 - A surface scrubbing solvent for visible mold that works on gyprock, concrete, timbers, stonework, roofing, brickwork, and more!
  • GM2900 - A chemical solution for protection of timbers and gyprock after mold treatment has been finished.
  • GM Fogging - Usage of GM2000 solvent into a spray, that literally 'fogs' the entire space. This fog will fight off mold in hard to reach places, eliminating the need of removing walls, floors, or ceilings where mold thrives.
  • A Mold & Water Restoration Company Carmel Homeowners Trust

    We have a high customer approval rating from our accuracy, efficiency, and trusted quality in our products and the ability to remove mold - permanently. Our priority is to restore your home from water moisture related problems such as mold.

    With our certified team of trained specialists, we can effectively continue to improve the air quality in homes through mold cleansing at the root. Our goal is to preserve your home and family health from start to finish.

    We Provide Mold Remediation To Homes In Carmel and The Surrounding Area!

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