Certified Board Up Service in Alquina

Boarding Up Windows

Get expert board up service to improve homes in distress from storms, smoke damages, as well as break-ins. Our company is experienced and professional, and during our services we board up everything from roofing to windows. By doing this, we ensure zero infiltration from outside sources that will inevitably come inside within your home so that other contractors will be able to install newer home improvements like doors or roofing. Our company continues to provide excellent services in Alquina. Our company assists with general contracting, restoration, and cleaning service, and prioritizes our services to conform with every aspect of boarding-up services you need.

Quality Emergency Board Up Service

Our contractors give fast and certified emergency board up service within Alquina area. It's understandable that disasters will never regulate only within specific time frames, in which case we will help with emergency tarp and board up service. Our professionals are trained to handle fire and smoke restoration, water damage repair, upholstery cleaning, and much more.

Disaster Restoration in Alquina, IN

Disaster Restoration

Our company offers residents living in Alquina water restoration, mold remediation, fire and smoke damage restoration, insurance restoration, and many other types of disaster restoration. If your home has been damaged from unexpected events, you will need our fire and water damage restoration services that will alleviate circumstances for your home once again.

Michaelis contractors have over 25 years of combined experience taking care of repairs, cleaning, and restoration. We recommend that we take care of any disaster problems while you still can to ensure that initial damages don't consume what's left of your home.

Professional Clean Up Services

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