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Leaky Basement Wall

At Michaelis we provide professional and reliable basement waterproofing systems in order to restore basements for considerable environment improvements. Each system installation has specific functions to help with specific and dangerous issues that your home may have, especially basement flooding, mold and mildew, high humidity levels, dampness, and any other kind of issue that we can assist with. We continue to provide services in Atkinsonville, IN area. If you're looking for our help with waterproofing issue, give us a call and we will be happy to set you up with assessment from our contractors that will mold within your busy schedule. Amongst our products, we have everything from sump pumps to interior and exterior drain systems . If certain the your waterproofing issues is associated with break within the walls, we also specialize in foundation solutions to take care of it. Take some time to learn more regarding our basement waterproofing services.

Wet Basement in Atkinsonville, IN

Basement Waterproofing

If you have a wet basement problem in your Atkinsonville home, Our team can provide you with the recommended basement waterproofing products that can stop water leaks at their source!

You may probably have to get a sump pump put in, as well as the Michaelis drain system to protect both your basement floors and your walls. We will finish the work on time and confirm that all garbage and work materials where we have worked is efficiently disposed with before concluding that our work is finished.

Residents usually have no idea the purpose of a sump pump, and what it does. This particular system will gather excess water drain it completely through pumping, away from your home and foundation. It's very important to get a backup sump installed with your system just ot be sure that the main system doesn't work anymore, cannot withstand the excessive amounts of water. The backup pump will run on battery power and will keep your basement dry even in the worst thunderstorms.

The basement drain systems evacuates water surrounding the concrete and will lower the water table beneath the floor. With our interior or exterior drain systems, there's no need for any kind of drain floor covering.

Leaky Basement

A leaky basement allows in abundant amounts of moisture which can lead to mildew and mold, and can cause serious damage to concrete. Michaelis will diagnose the basement moisture problem and can recommend the perfect basement course of action to take care of the problem forever.

Basement Waterproofing Companies in Atkinsonville, IN

We understand fully that there are many different basement waterproofing companies throughout Atkinsonville, however we greatly desire to be the #1 waterproofer. We have a full staff of waterproofing experts that are reliable and experienced. They have numerous years of combined experience working in the field and can effectively prevent water from getting into your family's home. When you're looking for a basement waterproofer, call for a free estimate at any time.

Wall Crack Repair Solutions

Our company offers wall crack repair which will take care of the leaky wall and the basement moisture problem.

Our wall crack repair systems will effectively close the gaps using a waterproof material that will withstand heavy rains, melting snow, and so on. Never again will you need to worry about waking up to a leaky basement due to gaps in a foundation crack! While resolving the wall crack itself, we guarantee the structural integrity of your home's foundation is completely restored. Learn more about our foundation repair services.

Consult with one of our professionals to receive a free estimate on our leaky basement services and to schedule a appointment.


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